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Controlled by Mr. Chaym Geyer, IES Holdings Ltd. is a growing investments and holdings group. The company was established in 1987 and is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.        
The Company had conducted over the years major investment in Real Estate (both in Israel and abroad), Industry, Aviation and other segments.


Real Estate - Israel

Major projects of the IES Group and Mr. Geyer include:


Palmachim Industrial Park


Located in the center of Israel, along the Mediterranean coast and the Palmachim National Park, Palmachim Industrial Park gathers leading Israeli corporations in the Automobile, traditional Industry, Construction and Sea Water Desalinization Sectors.

The Palmachim Industrial Park is surrendered by a beautiful nature reserve, operating as one of the largest logistics and industry land reserves in the center of Israel. It consists 300,000 square meters of land and benefits from excellent location and accessibility to Israel's main roads.


Andromeda Hill project in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

On the hills of Ancient Jaffa overlooking the Mediterranean Coast, is located Andromeda Hill Project – a luxury holiday and residential apartment complex. (This project is part of Mr. Geyer group and not part of the IES group).

The complex consists of 270 units which are located a walking distance from Tel-Aviv beaches and restaurants, historical sites, markets and the old harbor. The complex is fully equipped with all luxury and business facilities for optimal experience such as swimming pool, gym, Spa etc.


Real Estate - International


IES group (by its former subsidiary Mydas Investment fund Ltd) had acquired various real estate properties in the UK with aggregate value of more than 60 million pounds.



 Spancrete Palmachim


Fully owned by IES Group, Spancrete Palmachim is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products for the construction industry.  

Spancrete Palmachim products are used for fast and cost-effective construction of office, commercial and industrial buildings, being a significant part of Israel building projects over the years.



AirPark Aircraft Zone - Ovda


 AirPark Aircraft Zone is a future leading regional "one stop shop" and a unique hub of 1.1 million square meters for Storage, Maintenance and End of Life Aircraft services.

With optimal climate conditions for its purpose, AirPark is located in the south of Israel near the city of Eilat and is planned to serve the Asian, European and African aviation markets.


Future Plans

As a Solid and a Reliable company, IES Group intends to expand its current activities, along with other businesses – local and international, using its:


* Stable and liquid financial position.

* Extensive operational, financial and managerial expertise.

* Reach to capital markets.

* Excellent reputation with funding institutions and banks.


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Additional information is avialablle upon request. Please do not hasitate to contact us with any question or request:


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